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"Everyone that we have dealt with at One source is great and very helpful, from sales, to the order desk as well as the delivery driver’s!! Andy is always there to help and will always touch base to make sure everything is good, he is easy to work with!! Our delivery driver always make sure he comes in with a smile and a candy for the two of us in the office!! Keep up the great work!!!"
Tanya, Lumber Manufacturer, Langley



"Hello to all the staff members of One source Office Supplies, you guys are so helpful and energetic and I really appreciate your kindness and the way you are always ready to help no matter whether you are on phone or in person and also all your delivery staff. And the best prices and services you offer to us are very professional and fast. I hope to keep continuing the best services from you till long run. All the best for your further success and keep it up with your extremely positive behavior towards your clients."
Monika, Notary Public, Surrey



"One Source Office Supplies continues to surpass our expectations. Ashley our RN/Manager and myself our Admin Assistant, we both strongly believe that Mikaela is a terrific representation to One Source Office Supplies. She listens to our needs and wants and is extremely professional. Her voice is always very welcoming and courteous. She really defines your greeting "How can I make your day better," In the past, we have ordered from other large branding stores and we have never experienced the repetitive high quality customer service as we do from One Source Office Supplies. Mikaela is a true asset to One Source and we highly recommend other companies to order from One Source Office Supply to experience the same guarantee every time."
Sandy, Spa and Medical Clinic, Surrey



"Great company, excellent product choice and Antonio is a gem to work with."
Therese, Retail Store, Surrey



"Always, always, always awesome customer service and has been since day one."
Brenda, Doctors Office, Surrey



"I cannot say enough words to say how much I really appreciate the support and consideration that I always get from all of your team, when I call and talk with Andy or anyone else; the positive energy I receive makes my day brighter and I always hang up with a smile. THANK YOU!!"
Shannon, Construction Company, Surrey



"I really like dealing with One Source, service is quick , efficient and every rep that I have spoken to is polite, helpful and willing to go above and beyond. Andy is great! He won our business to start with and we switched over from [previous vendor].. He has provided excellent service ever since! I always call One Source first even if it's a product that I can't necessarily find on your website, as I would prefer to give you the business. Mikaela is a gem! Such a pleasure to deal with her…. Especially, when she's picking up the slack from Andy and Martin ;) JUST KIDDING Boys! You all work so hard.. SO thank you! Oh… and the Drivers are all excellent too. Friendly, polite, will even take the product where ever we need it in the building!"
Shelley, Media Group, Langley



"My experience with One Source Supplies has been awesome. It was Martin whom I dealt with the very first time. He is awesome and am sure an asset to your company. The prices are competitive. And the very greeting when I call to place an order is out of this world, when I am asked "how can i make your day better"? YOU GUYS ROCK!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!"
Manju, Law Office, Surrey



"Last year we received a catalogue from your company in the mail. Looking through it, we realized that most items were things we were spending twice as much on, for poor service- [previous vendor] frequently would lose our orders, took an extra day to arrive, and shipping was only free if you spent over $50. Not fun. After getting quotes for the items we use the most (paper is now $20 less per box than what we were paying before!) and being extremely pleasantly surprised by the speed of your customer service, we decided to switch over. It used to take us being left on hold for ages and multiple calls just to get the most basic of information from our previous supplier. Not only do your shipments arrive faster, but the employees are friendlier and we get frequent check-ins to make sure the service is good. If something is backordered or out of stock or unavailable, we don’t have to pursue your company constantly to find out when we’ll receive it, they contact us first. (Like earlier this week- an item we ordered wasn’t in stock, but before I could even open the package that arrived we received an email from the account manager letting us know when it would arrive) Not to mention if we call/email with a questions, we get a response within the day or sometimes even within half an hour. Its excellent. After mediocre at best and abysmal at worst kind of service with our previous suppliers, our experience with One Source has been a breath of fresh air. It’s a nice reminder that you don’t need to spend a lot for good quality local service. The candy with each order is just a bonus. "
Hanna, Notary Public, Surrey



"Martin my rep is always quick to reply to all my inquiries, and price matches are done with such ease! Keep up the great customer service!"
Lynn, Construction Equipment Supplier, Surrey



"I find the staff at One Source very reliable and helpful. They were able to get me the products that I needed that I was having trouble finding elsewhere. I found that since switching to One Source, I can now do one stop shopping, whereas before I had to buy from 2 different vendors."
Reema, Medical Clinic, Surrey



"I wanted to share a positive experience with you I receive every time I order with One Source Office Supplies! I always order through Mikaela and she is very nice and accommodating on anything we need she will always go the extra mile to help us out. She is always happy and cheerful and it's a pleasure talking with her. I have been ordering with One Source since they first opened and the owner Martin is very friendly and will always get whatever it is that our dental office may need. You guys are all great and it's a pleasure doing business with you!"
Becky, Doctors Office, Surrey



"One thing I like especially about your company is that you are focused on building relationships with your clients and that really stands out from among the other office supply companies. You have developed such a great culture within your team and it shows by the way they handle themselves and all have such great attitudes. Every encounter I have had with a staff member has been a positive experience. All of the delivery guys are awesome and super nice! We especially like the treats they hand out that is a great touch ;)."
Laura, Marketing Agency, Surrey



"My experience with One Source has been fantastic, from Andy being more than accommodating when I need something fast to Quinn who is such a sweetheart. (Bringing candy for me is a super bonus!) I have never had a bad experience with anyone at One Source."
Chrystal, Contracting Company, Surrey



"I thought about who I wanted to personally thank, but it is hard to nail it down – something that sticks out for me is that when dealing with your company, I have NEVER had a negative experience as far as customer service. Since the initial contact with Andy and getting our account set up to Mikaela and Nav, everyone is eager to make the customer’s experience as positive as possible. Even when I call in everyone seems to want to go above and beyond the competition, and that shows. I also value local companies who are big on keeping the business local even if prices are slightly higher than big companies that outsource."
Julia, Hydraulic Repair Service, Langley



"Martin has always gone above and beyond to meet our needs. In one instance we needed something “same day” and he came through for us. Always a pleasure to speak with him on the phone. He simply looks up our history and knows what we need with little effort on my part! Thank you to the delivery persons too. After all they have to hike up a flight of stairs with heavy boxes of photocopy paper and I still get a treat! Looking forward to continued great service. :) "
Karen, Equipment Rental Agency, Surrey



"Everyone that we have dealt with at One Source is great and very helpful, from sales, to the order desk as well as the delivery drivers!! Andy aka Brad Pitt is always there to help and will always touch base to make sure everything is good, he is easy to work with!! Thx again for everything you guys do!! Keep up the great work and we will never go back to the competitor hahaha. :)"
Tanya, Manufacturer, Langley



"I’d like to point out three people in particular. Andy, Mikaela and Quinn. One situation that will always be in my memory is one where I thought I had ordered the correct colour of sticky notes online and when they were delivered, they were not. No one gave me grief about being selective of the colours I was choosing nor did I get any rude or attitude filled emails about it. It felt nice to know Mikaela and Andy were there to help without judgement and was eager to find a solution for me, and quick! Quinn, he’s delivered here multiple times and he’s a joy to deal with as well. No matter how many times I change where I want my paper stacked, he just looks at me and smiles. Mikaela has gone above and beyond for me with the sticky note situation and also another inquiry of staples, (keep her around), she’s always nice and polite and always gives me a call regarding any short/ BO shipments. It’s nice to hear from her about these things so I am not here hanging and it gives me an opportunity to change my mind to something else if need be."
Rachel, Customs Broker, Delta



"We have been a customer of One Source Office Supplies since the very beginning and have always experienced excellent customer service. The staff continually delivers superior service whether the order is big or small and is quick to update you if something is back ordered. If there is ever an issue with a product they are very quick to remedy the situation. I would highly recommend Martin and his team!"
Alison, Pediatric Dentistry, Langley



"Personal touch. Attentative quick service. Friendly staff."
Janet, Naturopathic Practitioner, Surrey



"We have had nothing but positive experiences with One Source. Usually Andy helps us out with our order. He is always friendly and informative. He finds the best product at the best price for us and even gives us a reminder call to see if we are running low any items. The delivery is always the next day and the service is very friendly. I especially like the treats that they leave behind. Thanks One Source."
Sara, Accounting Firm, Cloverdale



"I have had nothing but positive experience with One Source, I used to buy from [previous vendor] but now I only buy from one source, reason being they are LOCAL and if I need anything they will try and get it for me and if they cannot they are honest enough to tell me and advise me where to go. I like local reason being it keeps people employed and money is back in the community via taxes and general spending which then keeps others employed, which is another reason why I don’t buy online unless I have to which is rare. I hope I continue to receive the same service as I have been receiving and they will go far."
Jas, Financial Services, Surrey



"I have had nothing but a positive experience with One Source. They are prompt, free delivery and Antonio is great salesman to work with."
Therese, Women's Clothing Store, Surrey



"I have had nothing but good experiences with your company. Most recently there was a mix-up on the quantity of an item that was sent to my office. I sent an email to Phil and with a very quick response the entire thing was resolved and I received the right amount of that item the next day. Your company has great customer service and I would recommend you to anyone."
Morgan, Law Firm, Surrey



"Hello! We have been customers of your business since Andy 1st walked into our office 3 years ago telling me of your new local company selling office supplies. Since we are also a small business that replies on local patrons, I was more than happy to help support another small and local business rather than some large chain store. Your staff is always friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. The free next day delivery is fantastic! I especially love the little chocolate that comes with each order. Your monthly phone calls are always appreciated as it helps remind me to make a list and order the supplies we are low on. I have recommended your business to several other people and they are happy with you as well. I’m sure I will continue to use One Source Office Supplies well into the future! Keep up the good work!"
Jennifer, Dentist, Surrey



"Good Afternoon! I have only been using One Source since February but every order regardless of the size or amount has been handled professional; from start to finish. Andy and our delivery boy (I think his name is Ryan) are always polite and accommodating and provide us with exceptional customer service. I would like to say it is nice touch to see the delivery guys in dress pants and a collar shirt – very professional. And of course the candies are always a treat! I wish I had known of One Source in my “past life” as I definitely would have utilized them."
Jackie, Lighting Products, Surrey



"I know your company has been working hard to get our account in the last few years but it has only been recently I have given Phil an opportunity. At first your prices were not within range of what I was paying and it is not my policy to shop prices. I understand each business is in business to make a profit, and your company knows what your bottom line needs to be to do that. Recently I have had Phil give me quotes for items I am wanting to purchase, and at the same time I ask our current supplier to do the same – to give me a quote. I do my very best to compare “apples to apples” when reviewing these quotes and base my decision on what has been quoted. Substitutions are not acceptable unless I agree to them but I always open to suggestions. As I have more responsibilities than ordering supplies, I expect the quotes given to the best prices available at the time as it is not my practice to keep asking you to do better. Our account is not a large account compared to many but I tend to be loyal to the people I work with. Phil is always pleasant and quick to respond to my requests. When I ask for his advice on products he proves very knowable or doesn’t hesitate to do the research for an answer. Plus my co-workers enjoy the treats delivered with each order. This makes you stand out! Keep up the good work and much success in business."
Marlene, Bookkeeper, Surrey



"We’ve been dealing with you (most specifically with Phil and Mikaela) for the last few months and have been so happy with everything. Both of them genuinely do their best to help get us the best price possible and they’re both always so friendly and professional and helpful whenever I call for anything. They always go above and beyond every time I call!! Also have to mention Quinn who mostly delivers our orders. He’s also very friendly and takes the time to put our orders away when needed and, personally, I think the candy is an awesome bonus. Thanks!! I’ve been doing customer service for more than 30 years and when the opportunity comes up to let someone else know how much they’re appreciated, I’m happy to let them know. You guys all go above and beyond. Thank you very much for everything One Source and we’re looking forward to a long, long relationship!! :) "
Lynn, Construction Company, Surrey



"So far everything has been great! • On time deliveries • Great pricing • Great customer service"
Rahil, Logistics Service, Surrey



"Well I must admit, that although our Company does not have a big account, we are treated like we do. From my first encounter with Andy and his associate who came to my office looking to gain our business, I had a positive and good feeling about OneSource. Everyone that I have dealt with this past year from the receptionist(s) to the delivery driver(s) are kind, professional, efficient, and very customer driven. They treat everyone like family, and make you feel that you are a part of their organization. They go out of their way to ensure that whatever it is that you are looking for, that they bend over backwards to help you find it, or something similar. I only wish that I needed more items, to have the interaction with this great staff of people. I wish OneSource great success in the future, and will continue to give them my business because of the friendly and great service that we receive."
Jo Ann, Construction Company, Surrey



"I would have to say that every time I call in and get Mikaela it’s a pretty good experience. She always sounds happy and is super helpful. If I ask her a question or need to order something that she needs to do some research for, I can definitely rely on her to get back to me right away with answers and trouble shoot anything I need to find, all while sounding so eager and positive. Thanks for the great customer service Mikaela! We will for sure keep ordering through One Source!"
Vanna, Racing Equipment, Surrey



"Just wanted to say that since I was first approached by your company that I was never felt that I was pressured into buying anything. All the associates that I have dealt with were always friendly and helpful at all times. There was no specific person as I think they have all been great! On the phone calls I did get from your associates, it would just be a courtesy call to see if I needed anything. Just a quick thank you to you all!"
Sherry, Steel Fabricator, Delta



"I have been dealing with Martin since opening. He works hard keeping us happy at TMS with low pricing. I purchased a box of copy paper a few months back and used over half the box. I later noticed that the brightness of paper was not what we usually ordered and Martin was happy to credit us the difference in pricing. Awesome customer service."
Stan, Transportation and Distribution, Langley



"I have had multiple awesome experiences with One Source since starting at my company in 2014!! My Top 3 Memorable experiences are all created through great customer service from the supporting office folks! Also your pricing is fair :) Kevin – An absolute delight of a person. Understood my obsessions with purple pens and would go out of his way to make sure that I had all the purple pens possible! There was a discrepancy in an “assorted” pack of pens where the pen ink colors should have been Purple, Orange and Green I think and it showed up a disappointing Red Green and blue! Kevin found a way to save the day! He ordered several of the packs of pens till one showed up (it was random) that had the desired colors!! All with a delightful sense of charming humour making the exchange super enjoyable! Martin – Always Helpful and looking out! Recently we started having an issue with our printer, printing rainbow like art all over our pages, though pleasing to the eye, the streaks of color were not super helpful in being able to decipher what the actual info on the pages were. Martin and his people worked together to find me a solution that worked and it was effortless (on my part) making it so that I was able to carry on with my professional tasks. Mikaela – Always Chipper and a joy to speak with. She is knowledgeable and helpful. If an item can’t be ordered she always has a back-up plan ready. She is friendly open minded. I had some concerns about pricing between the website and my catalogue and she was extremely helpful, was able to come to a resolution no problem! She was prompt and always kept me in the loop either with a quick call for a heads up or an email! Super appreciated! Have a Great day One Source!!!"
Jenna, Furnace Store, Surrey



"Andy always calls to see how things are going and also gives me the best price he can. Service and answered emails are also always done quickly too!"
Michele, Masonry supply store, Langley



"I took over order about 2 months ago and our rep was incredibly helpful. He got me set up, made sure I had all the info I needed, and called to welcome me and make sure I had everything I needed. Every order has been shipped accurately and in a timely manner. On the one occasion when we ordered an item that was back ordered, I received a call and was given options for replacement items or to wait for the back order to fill. Prices are competitive and the competition can't compete with this level of customer service!"
Marion, College, New Westminster



"I would like to start off by saying that I am very happy with the service I was given. Being that we have a small family, I pinch my pennies as far as I can and One Source was able to help me do that. Back in May of this year I was doing some office supply shopping at a competitors store when Phil asked if he could help us. Phil sent back a comparison list to show me that One Source was able to match or beat their competitors prices. I will gladly chat with Phil again for my office supply needs."
Val, General Contractor, Delta



"I just want to say that the level of customer service that One Source Office Supplies has is unbeatable! From the first contact with the office to the driver that delivers the order. Mikaela and Andy are always very helpful with any of my demands and yes I do make demands and they rise to the occasion every time and go the extra mile with a smile! There are way too many occasions to list when it comes how they have met and exceeded my expectations. I say give them a raise with the praise as they are both very deserving!"
Sharon, Payroll Administrator, Surrey



"Well Martin and the staff of One Source, I don’t even know where to start, since the very first day of you opening both you and all your staff have been friendly and beyond helpful with any item or items we have ever needed/requested. And if there has ever been a back ordered item we have always been called of emailed in advance to keep us informed. Also very prompt with all orders and rush orders to accommodate all the lawyers and items needed always. So please keep up the good work and thank you for the many years and continuing years of happy service. Thanks all we appreciate you and your hard work."
Lianne & Rosie, Legal Services, New Westminster



"It is my pleasure to share my positive experience with you. Your team is helpful all the time, all queries are answered timely and really good customer service. I have been dealing with Martin for 2 years and he is always getting me good deals. I hope to get more good deals in future. Thanks for providing good service and wish you good luck for business and all your endeavours."
Bhawna, Cabinet Maker, Surrey



"We opened a new account with your company earlier this year and I have to say that your account manager Andy went above and beyond to ensure that he could meet our office supply needs. I found at times that there were products that you didn’t carry but Andy made sure that he took the time to find an equivalent product, often at a better price for us. He also was very good at following up on our new account to ensure that items had arrived as requested and that we were satisfied with our order start to finish. We had issues in the past with [previous vendor] arriving with our orders before our office opened and then sending them back to their warehouse, as a result causing a 3-4 day delay in getting our supplies. I mentioned this to Andy when we first opened our account and he ensured me that this wouldn’t happen with your company. He remained true to his word and we have had very quick and timely deliveries. Andy is a pleasure to deal with and is a great representative of your company. It is refreshing in today’s fast paced, high tech world to see that there is still people who strive for service excellence!"
Renee, Real Estate, New Westminster



"My contact, Andy, is incredible for one. He is very accommodating and always helps me so quickly and provides suggestions knowing what I would actually prefer depending on what I've previously ordered. When we get our deliveries as well, the delivery drivers are so helpful and pleasant to talk to. When we ordered filing cabinets our driver was incredibly helpful in getting the cabinets in the spot they needed and even helped us move our old ones out as well so quickly and effectively. Just recently I had to return about 5 boxes of file folders I had ordered by mistake and didn't realize it until awhile later. Andy was able to set up a return for me to get approved for credit and I just saw today that it was approved. Thank you so much! That saved me a lot of hassle and stress having the wrong folders sit in our office. I absolutely love dealing with your company and your amazing employees and actually don't know what I would do without you guys. I appreciate you all so much! Thank you OneSource! :)"
Shannon, General Contractor, Surrey



"I love dealing with one source, you have been a great company always quick and fast service. And the online ordering is easy to use."
Alexis, Insurance Provider, Surrey



"It is always a pleasure to deal with One Source, everyone is so friendly and helpful. Andy has been amazing to us, he always goes beyond our expectations and same with Mikaela. They are both very friendly and very helpful. Everything always gets delivered fast and we love the service. Overall we would give one source a 10 out of 10. Keep up the great work and congrats!"
Warda, Pharmacies and Medical Clinics, New Westminster



"I cannot tell you how much I enjoy dealing with your company. If ever there is a problem, or we ordered wrong thing your company is always there to help. If we need something that is not in the catalogue – I email Martin and he is on top of it for me. If we find it cheaper somewhere else – you price match. Your delivery guys are always great, very personable – I love getting candy! If there is one person who is always there to help me – I would have to say that my contact person is Martin. He is great. I order for 3 companies!"
Karen, Marketing Agency, Surrey



"All we have for you is positive feedback. You are an amazing team and we appreciate everything you do for us. Phil has always given his customers the VIP service. You have definitely achieved customer satisfaction. The gentlemen that come to drop off our supplies are exceptionally polite and well-mannered. Dressed in their professional attire, it seems as if they are giving us first-class treatment. Especially when we get candies to go with our supplies. Thank you for always exceeding our expectations and providing us with our supplies right on time. We wish all the best with future business and hope to keep working with you for years to come."
Harvinder, Law Office, Surrey



"Our experience with One Source Office Supplies is excellent. Service is spot on and delivery is fast. Lower prices than [previous vendor] and just as convenient if not more as there's is mostly out of stock on items. One Source also has items that are older and no longer carried by large box stores On a final note, love those skittles."
Beth, Motorcycle Dealer, Surrey



"Thanks to Andy for taking back a bulletin board that I ordered incorrectly and there was a no-hassle return. Also, Ryan, who delivers our product is always most courteous; thank you for that. Sure appreciate it!"
Freida, General Contractor, Surrey



"I know that whatever I order you will stand behind your product. It is nice to know that I will get my order the next day. I order toner and if it doesn’t work, then you make a special trip to bring me a new one. No matter how small the order, you are there for me. I tested out a calculator to find that I didn’t like it so it was picked up with no questions asked. I did end up ordering the calculator that I was use to."
Janice, Finance, Surrey



"I love One Source! Our sales rep is Andy and he is wonderful! I find that him and his team (Martin, Nav & Mikaela) are always willing to go the extra mile, and it is such a pleasure to deal with everyone. I also love the regular delivery driver in our area who is a delight. To be honest, I never asked his name, but he is always super personable and we always have a great time chatting while he is dropping off my order (and the candies are a great plus too!)"
Trinda, Transportation Service, Surrey



"I have been ordering from One Source with every company I have worked for since I first met Andy. He is great, and has taken time to build a positive rapport and even remembers when my birthday is!! He will check in, and even if I don’t have an order, he will still take the time to make sure I am having a great day. Also, Quinn is always a pleasure to see, he is always in a positive upbeat mood and goes the extra mile. "
Lisa, Office Administrator, Langley



"We just love having you as our office supplier. Lynn first reached out to us and subsequently we have had the pleasure of working with Phil. Your staff are always happy and friendly; we love the greeting, “how can I make your day better”?...and the chocolates with your amazing delivery men. Love, love, love it. Thank YOU!"
Connie & Monica, Sports Wear Store, Surrey



"You're my favorite supplier :). Martin and Andy have always jumped with anything I ever need!!! And your driver is awesome and always has a great smile whenever he walks in the door :). Love you guys!! Keep up the good work."
Jessica, Sharpening Service, Surrey



"Andy is my favorite. He is always friendly and helpful. One specific time he had an order come to me on the same day as we had ran out of a product that is essential for our business' everyday use! The delivery guys are always friendly, and if Andy is not at work - someone else always steps in to help."
Ellen, Motorsports, Langley



"Had a great experience with One source. Driver was polite and brought me a stack of chocolate bars! Always on time service and I get what I need every time!"
Jovita, Water Works Equipment Supplier, New Westminster

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